Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How much would car insurance be?


What to do when ur 13 and home alone?

I was never alone, bc I had a huge family, but I loved to read and draw. I drew designs of houses and furniture and clothes and hairstyles; even invented magazines so I could draw the models and write about them. And reading everything--in summer I loved magazines about movie stars, romance novels, and history and mysteries. I also liked sitting outside watching ants and clouds. We

How can i prevent cats from peeing on everything in my yard?

at night ,male cats come in our yard and spray all over the place it smells foul.how do i put a stop to this?
ughhhh male cats stink , i had the same problem you can go to any mexican store in your area we have a store called superior it has alot of mexican products . so i bought the hottest chili powder they have its habanero powder and i put that everywhere and those cats dont come in my yard anymore . the trick is you have to keep putting it ,the good part is its very inexpensive... good luck
Traps and or fire arms

Can you still get car insurance if you are banned?

ive been lookin to go into insurance with my brother as it is cheaper.. i got a quote and he finds out hes been banned today... will he still be able to insure himself and me?
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Insure it yourself, But stick your dad, your aunties and anybody else on the insurance that will be low risk (compared to you) they dont need to drive the car. They do need a licence though. It will reduce the cost.

Remember this....

If YOU have an accidnet and YOU are not the main driver, whoever IS the main driver will loose their NCB and have to declare they claimed on future insurance applications.
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Try this site


Here you can compare quotes from different companies

How do you start a garden?

Take a look at your yard and study what space is available and what the soil and light conditions are. Also, is this a flower garden or a vegetable garden? If the latter, consider what you are likely to eat and how much of it you need.

Flower gardens are tailored to the area - if your yard is sunny, use flowers that do well in sun, but if your yard is shaded, there are still many attractive plants that will do well in shade. You just have to pick the right ones. Consult a garden book or ask someone at your local garden center for help if you need it.

Vegetable gardens should always be in sunny areas, since most vegetables require full sun. Depending on what your soil is like, you may need to amend it by tilling in things like compost, or you could build raised bed boxes and fill them with a good soil mix if your natural soil is really bad.

For more detailed information, go to a book store or library; there are plenty of good books for beginning gardeners.
I would start by deciding how large you want

Marijuana in my yard?

I think I found a marijuana plant growing in my yard. It is about a foot tall and has the same leave shape, with the ridges. Has no groupings of leaves yet and has sets of three leaves. It is growing in moist soil that has scarce gravel. Part of it

Is there a website that offers fast and easy loans for someone who does not have great credit?

Does anyone have any suggestions? The amount which I am seeking is under $l,000.

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